System improvement for both apprentices and dental clinic owners

The major aim of dentistry is oral health care. However, we cannot disregard the fact that the dental clinic is also a business entity that could either be private or government owned. Whatever the case may be, the aim of every business is profit making and business sustainability. This is why system improvement is highly necessary. Now let's see how the apprentice and the dental clinic owner can work together to ensure efficacy and sustenance of the business.

System improvement comprises control, consistency, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of the business; in this case the dental clinic. How can dental apprenticeship be a system improvement tool for the efficiency of the dental clinic?

More often than not, dental clinics with dental apprentices enjoy more benefits compared to those without. Some of these benefits include:

Filling of skills gap

In cases where the clinic is lacking or needing improvement of skills, the apprentice can easily be trained to meet up the requirements for such position and simply fill in the gap I stead of employing a fresh staff.

Hiring of an apprentice is an effective way of filling skill gaps in a dental clinic as the clinic owner can easily monitor and groom the apprentice.

Bringing in new ideas

We all have different perspectives and approaches to various situations. It wouldn't hurt to try new ideas when it comes to improving a business, would it? Apprentices sometimes come with fresh ideas that could influence the existing staff members. These fresh ideas could create an alternative solution to the existing problem in the clinic.

Recruitment of the best candidates

With close monitoring of dental apprentices as well as competitiveness among apprentices, selecting the best candidate for eventual recruitment is made easy for the employer.

Motivation and enthusiasm towards duty

A happy worker produces effective results. Apprenticeship is usually a person's first job, hence there is a high sense of motivation as such a person wouldn't want to disappoint. This means that he/she would value their role and exhibit a high level of performance.

Cost effective

Having apprentices tends to reduce cost on the part of the employer ( in this case the dental clinic owner). Apprentices contribute to the workplace while they learn and acquire skills. However their wages may not be up to that of a full staff and sometimes the government covers their funding.

Conclusively, Dental apprenticeship could really be a tool in improving your business as a dental clinic owner and also improve work efficiency.